Getaway Driver Has No Compassion For Victim Who Shot Her Friends

Criminals like Liz Rodriguez, the “mastermind” of the Broken Arrow (OK) home invasion earlier this week that saw her three masked knife and brass knuckle-armed accomplices killed when they ran into the homeowners adult son who as armed with an AR-15, doesn’t have any compassion at all for the man she and her friends traumatized.


“I’m sorry we broke into his house. I’m sorry we scared him or whatever, but I’m not going to be sorry he shot somebody. He could’ve shot them boys in the leg. I understand he was scared, had every right, he has his rights, has his rights, I’m understanding of him. I affected his life, I’m sorry, but am I compassionate for him? He’s on the bottom of my list to be compassionate for,” Rodriguez said.

She said she’d done other break-ins in Tulsa County and near Owasso, but no one had ever been home.

She said they’d already broken into the Peters’ garage and loaded items into the trunk, then the boys went to kick in the door of the main house – she heard the kicks, then gunshots and waited.

Rodriguez said, “Jake came out and slid across my car. I put it in park, got out and before he fell down. He said, ‘I got hit.’ I said, ‘Where, bro,’ and I pulled up his shirt and saw the gunshot in his chest and all the blood. I was holding on to him, ‘C’mon bro, get in the car, get in the car, get out of here,’ but he just grabbed my hand and said go, told me to leave.”


Criminals live by a different moral code and think in different ways than normal people. They do not care who they hurt or victimize, and only care for themselves.

Rodriguez doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s being charged with the first degree murder of her accomplices under Oklahoma’s interpretation of the felony murder rule.

I wonder if she ever thought about how fair it was to make her living by burglarizing decent members of society, every time potentially putting the lives of innocent men, women, and children at risk.

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