6-Year-Old Caught With Loaded Gun At Charter School

Someone isn’t going to be winning “Parent of the Year” at the next PTA meeting.

Police are investigating after a 6-year-old boy was found with a loaded handgun in his desk at an elementary school on Tuesday.

The gun, a .25-caliber pistol, was found by a school administrator at KIPP Victory Academy, a charter school at 955 Arcade Avenue, police said. The firearm was turned over to police.

The boy’s parent or guardian was informed of the incident and a report was made to the Missouri State Children’s Division, police said.


I’m not going out very far on a limb in suggesting that the student most likely took the unsecured weapon from his home, which is why child services was brought into the situation.

Fortunately, the child did not manage to shoot himself or someone else.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if a firearm is not under your immediate control (on your body), then it needs to be locked up. There are too many cost-effective, fast-opening gun safes on the market to leave weapons laying around where children or other unauthorized users can grab them. When irresponsible gun owners refuse to lock up their weapons, we get situations like this, or even more tragically, negligent discharge deaths. When those mount up, we get anti-gun politicians forcing “safe storage” laws upon us, as we saw exploited yesterday to raid a man’s home in Massachusetts.

Let’s do better, folks.

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