Off-Duty Cop Develops Case of "Glock Leg"

Here we go again

An off-duty officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department accidentally shot himself in the leg over the weekend, a police spokesperson said.

Officer Michael Price will be OK after shooting himself in the leg.

The incident happened around 11 a.m., at the officer’s house in New Palestine, Indiana. A deputy with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department responded to the shooting, and noted he saw Price laying on the ground with bruising and swelling around his right knee, according to a police report.

Price told the deputy he was attempting to clear his .40-caliber mini Glock. He had it on his lap when it fired.


Though the phenomena of negligent discharges with striker-fired guns has acquired the name “Glock leg,” thanks to the fact so many have occurred with the company’s pistols, that is more of a matter of Glock dominating the police and civilian markets than it is through any fault of the design. This sort of incident is unfortunately common with other firearms as well, and is typically the result of carelessness, negligence, and/or poor training.

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