Open Carrying Muslim Arrested After Streaming Threats To Conference

A Muslim man in South Dakota who was politely asked to leave a conference for open carrying a handgun in violation of venue rules is now in trouble after streaming alleged threats against the public.


Authorities say a South Dakota man who was asked to leave an anti-Islam event is facing a felony charge after he livestreamed himself brandishing weapons and making threats to the public.

Attorney General Marty Jackley and Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman said Friday that 45-year-old Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber of Sioux Falls has been charged with one count of terrorist threats.

Authorities say Jaber was escorted out of the event April 9 after he was observed filming on his cellphone and carrying a pistol. Officials say he was later found to be streaming threats to the public and brandishing guns and ammunition.

I’m not sure that the felony charge of making terrorist threats is going to stick if Jaber has a halfway decent attorney. Watch the video for yourself.

While Jaber does pull out several firearms to display to the camera and says “be scared” several times, he does not appear to actually be threatening anyone. He instead appears to have been frustrated at being asked to leave the conference for open carrying, and was merely venting his frustration. He appears to be attempting to show that if he had ill intentions towards the conference that he would have actually used the rifles and pistols he had in his car, not the open-carried pistol on his hip or the concealed handgun on his ankle.


Jaber never made what I would consider specific threats, and did not appear to attempt to intimidate anyone.

I strongly suspect that the methamphetamine allegedly recovered when police raided his home, however, is likely to lead to charges that may stick.

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