Anti-Trump Protestors Plan "Die In" For Trump's NRA Speech In Atlanta

I’m sure that the 45th President of the United States is quaking in his wingtips over plans by “hundreds” of demonstrators to have a dramatic hissy fit in a public park more than a 1/2 mile away from where he’ll triumphantly addressing the National Rifle Association, who were early in casting their support behind the man who would become President and spent tens of millions of dollars advocating for his campaign.


Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to mass near the Georgia World Congress Center on Friday for a “die-in” protest against Donald Trump’s speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Atlanta.

The protest organized by gun control advocates will be held at Woodruff Park on the same day that Trump and other high-profile leaders, including Republican Sen. David Perdue and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, address the NRA event.

The “die-in” is an offshoot of the weekly protests outside Perdue’s downtown Atlanta office that urge him to hold a town hall meeting. This event will feature 93 people lying on the grassy ground at Woodruff to represent what organizers say are the number of people who die daily in the U.S. from gun violence.

If this year’s attempt to upstage Trump and the NRA is anything like last year’s lame attempt, the protestors are setting themselves up for humiliation. Participation in the Mike Bloomberg-sponsored protests run by Everytown/Mom’s Demand Action was anemic from their first protest in Indianapolis in 2014, was equally dispirited in 2015 in Nashville, and almost completely non-existent in Louisville, with only three dozen participants.

If they don’t do any better this year, each participant is going to have to “die” three times, or they could simply be honest (for once) and let each of the 36 or so protestors “die” once for the actual number of people who die every day from “gun violence” caused by other people.


Two thirds of firearms-related deaths in the United States in any given year are not the result of violent crime or even armed self-defense, but are instead the result of suicides.

As they always do without exception, gun control supporters are forced to exaggerate, as reality simply doesn’t support their claims about “gun violence.”

Criminal homicides with firearms and accidents with firearms are on a long-term downward trend according to year-over-year FBI Uniform Crime Reports, even as gun sales and ownership have skyrocketed.

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