Eight Shot, One Dead In Unprovoked Attack At San Diego Pool Party

A 49-year-old male walked up to a birthday party being held at an apartment complex’s pool and opened fire after he was politely invited to attend.

One woman was killed and seven other people were injured Sunday in a shooting at the pool area of a San Diego apartment complex where people were attending a birthday party, police confirmed.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said the shooting took place shortly after 6 p.m. at the La Jolla Crossroads apartment complex. Three officers shot and killed the suspect after he pointed a gun at them, Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman identified the suspect as 49-year-old P__ S__*, who police believe lived at the complex located on Judicial Drive west of Interstate 805.

The police chief said seven adults were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds. One woman died of her injuries and several others remain in critical condition, according to Zimmerman, who did not identify the victims.

A second witness, who was at the pool, told NBC 7 the suspect walked into the pool area where friends were celebrating one of the tenants’ 50th birthday.

The witness said the tenant who was celebrating his birthday walked up to the shooter, who seemed to be acting strangely. When he invited the suspect to join the celebration, the suspect lifted up his shirt, took out the gun and shot him in the stomach. He continued shooting people until he was out of bullets, according to the witness.



One of the tenants in a building near the pool managed to capture some cell phone video of the conclusion of the incident.

The shooter was white, and all of his victims were people of color. It is not know, however, if race was a factor in the shooting. There is no known motive at this time.


After opening fire and emptying his weapon, the man sat beside the pool with the handgun in his hand and a beer in the other. He then reloaded, and waited for the police to respond.

He was subsequently killed when he opened fire on responding police.

Update: Race had nothing to do with the shooting. The loser had been dumped by his girlfriend, and wanted to take his pain out on others.


* Bearing Arms does not public the names of mass or spree shooters.

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