Tensions Mount Ahead of Expected Alton Sterling Decision

Rumors are swirling that a decision in the Alton Sterling case may be coming soon.

Area schools say things will continue to be business as usual as rumors continue to spiral that a possible federal decision in the Alton Sterling case could be made public in the coming days.

“We are just preparing for a week as normal,” said Warren Drake, superintendent for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

Drake says as of right now, there are no plans for school cancellations and or early dismissals this week, but he confirms they are in talks with the Baton Rouge Police Department, principals, and school security teams to ensure safety is the top priority.

“I think we have to prepare, absolutely, but I also think kids are safest in school number one and the more normal things can be the better for our children,” Drake added.


Sterling was a convicted felon who allegedly pulled a gun on a homeless man, prompting a police response. When officers arrived to question Sterling he refused to comply with lawful police commands, was immune to a taser, and went officers went hands-on in an attempt to bring him into custody, he was shot and killed while allegedly attempting to draw the handgun in his right front pocket.

The shooting, followed by the removal of the handgun from Sterling’s right front pocket, was captured on video by a bystander’s cell phone.

“Black Lives Matter” activists have tried to paint Sterling as a martyr “murdered” by police, but his extensive criminal record, including prior arrests and convictions for fighting with officers while armed, combine with two videos from different angles and statements made by the officers in the incident  paint a portrait of a criminal who caused his own death through stupidity.

alton sterling

The rather graphic still frame of video filmed by Abdullah Muflahi above shows the moment that officers retrieved an object from Sterling’s pocket. Muflahi stated that the object was a handgun.

Two days after Sterling’s death, a black nationalist gunman opened fire after a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, murdering five police officers and wounding nine others before he was blown up by a bomb-armed robot.

Four days after Sterling’s death there was a violent protest in Baton Rouge, where number firearms were confiscated from the New Black Panther Party and more than 100 people were arrested.


12 days after Sterling’s death a gunman affiliated with the Black Panthers ambushed and killed three law enforcement officers before he was in turn shot and killed.

Hopefully, the radicals attempting to turn this convinced felon into a martyr won’t launch any more acts of violence if investigators reach the (quite logical) conclusion that Alton Sterling caused his own death by reaching for a weapon when officers attempted to take him into custody.

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