The 37-year old man who shot two armed robbers at a Virginia Beach 7-11 last month is now speaking out about having to act in self-defense and in defense of others. While he’s not revealing his name, he is going into great detail about what happened when he went for a Big Gulp, and it’s incredibly compelling to read.

“I’m sipping on my Big Gulp, and this red beam cuts into my drink,” said the man, who agreed to tell The Virginian-Pilot what happened July 25 on the condition he not be identified.

“I look down and I’ve got a pink drink with something orangish-red in there. Then I look up and there are two guys pretty much standing on top of each other with two guns pointed in my face.”

The gunmen, on what police say was the last stop of a spate of robberies around 2 a.m. that Thursday, had hoods pulled over their heads and bandannas covering their faces. The red spot in the man’s drink was a laser light from one of the guns aimed in his direction.

“We’re helping each other get through this,” she said. “He knows I’m here if he needs someone to talk to, and I know he’s there for me if I need someone to talk to.”

The man has been using the money from the fundraiser to take care of some debts and “get his life together,” Engel said. He used some to pay for driving school so that he can get his license, and for repairs so his van can pass inspection.