Is it just me, or are the gun control activists who think they’re really clever even more annoying than the ones who just want to take your guns away and have no idea how they’ll do it? A case in point; author Ron Berler, who has a column in the Hartford Courant arguing that we don’t need to ban firearms when we can just ban certain calibers of ammunition instead.

Today, one can walk into a gun shop and purchase, for instance, a .22, .38 or .44-caliber handgun. Most firearms are built to accommodate one size round only. Here’s what would happen if the manufacture of today’s standard-size rounds were outlawed, and .21, .37, or .43-caliber rounds took their place: Eventually, gun owners would run out of the old ammo, and their weapons would become paperweights.

We’d have the opportunity for a national gun policy do-over. New, tougher gun registration and ownership policies, some already favored by NRA membership, would be enacted in conjunction with the changeover in rounds calibration. Fresh attention could be paid to newer, research-vetted strategies, such as the universal adoption of smart-gun technology and limiting the size of rounds available to civilians. Police and military would keep their current firearms and ammunition, manufactured and distributed under strictest control.