Elizabeth Warren Wants To Make It Too Expensive To Exercise Your Rights

On today’s program (slightly delayed thanks to a technical glitch), we tackle Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to jack up taxes on firearms and ammunition purchases in the hopes of reducing the amount of firearms and ammunition legally purchased in the United States. As Second Amendment advocate Gabriella Hoffman explains, not only would this proposal hurt human beings, it would also likely have a huge impact on wildlife preservation and restoration.


Plus, CNN Headline News host S.E. Cupp says the gun control debate should be more, not less, emotional. Cam Edwards obliges with a story about the first time he realized gun control laws were stopping good people in bad neighborhoods from protecting themselves, while criminals still had no problem getting their hands on a gun.

Finally, we’ve got the story of a five-time felon in Las Vegas who used a vehicle, not a gun, to attack police officers; a South Carolina man who stood his ground and defended his girlfriend and her children from an angry ex, and a police officer in upstate New York who came to the aid of an elderly man who almost lost $10,000 in a scam.

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