Breaking News: Active Assailant Attacks In Midland And Odessa, Texas

Authorities in the west Texas cities of Midland and Odessa are reporting two active assailants who are shooting individuals at random on city streets and at a movie theater.


Initial reports are that there are 20 to 30 individuals with reported injuries. There are also local media reports that the suspect at Cinergy, which is a large movie theater on Midland’s east side, has been taken into custody. Please keep in mind that initial reports are often chaotic, and may turn out not to be true.

We’ll continue to update this post as we learn more.

Update 1: A press conference is supposed to be held at 5:30 Central time, but has not yet begun. Midland police are reporting on Facebook that the suspect at the Cinergy movie theater has been killed.

“It has been confirmed that the active shooter was shot and killed at the Cinergy in Odessa. There is no active shooter at this time. All agencies are investigating reports of possible suspects.”

The Music City Mall in Midland, Texas is closed for the day and will not re-open until tomorrow at noon, and CBS 7 staffers, which has a studio in the mall, are being told by police officers to stay away from windows and are describing the mall as an “active scene”.

Update 2: The police press conference is underway, and law enforcement are describing the situation was “fluid”. Police are describing one individual shot and killed at the Cinergy movie theater.


Local law enforcement say incident started with a traffic stop, and the first officer was shot by the suspect who had been pulled over. From there, the violence erupted across the two west Texas cities, hijacking at least one vehicle and maybe more.

Police say there are 21 shooting victims, five of them have died from their injuries. 3 police officers have also been shot, but there are no word on the extend of their injuries.

Police are describing the suspect who was shot and killed as a “white male in his 30’s”.

Initial reports are that there were two suspects, but police say it appears now that was not the case. “Once this individual was taken out of the picture there have been no suspects”.

Another quote from law enforcement- “We do believe we have the threat contained but we can’t be 1000% positive”.

The Music City Mall in Midland is still closed after reports of an active assailant attack, but it appears at this point that those reports are not accurate.



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