Florida Mayor Pens Epic Letter To SF Supervisors Over NRA "Terrorist" Label

Supervisors in San Francisco are already facing a new lawsuit over a resolution labelling the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” and ordering city offices to cut ties with any contractor that has any connection or involvement with the NRA. Now we’re seeing insult added to injury in the form of a letter from the mayor of Vero Beach, Florida to the supervisors in San Francisco.

Mayor Val Zudans channeled his inner Kurt Schlichter when decided to let the supervisors know what he thought of their resolution.




It really sings, doesn’t it? I love the “your most recent action stinks like the steaming excrement on your streets” line. Pure poetry.

The letter goes on to describe the 2nd Amendment as “the shortest, most direct amendment of our Bill of Rights.” and says the NRA “defends liberty and protects law-abiding citizens from terror and coercion.” Zudans notes that by labeling the NRA as a terrorist organization, the supervisors are also calling millions of Americans domestic terrorists.  For some strange reason, the mayor of Vero Beach really doesn’t like being called a terrorist.



The man’s got a way with words. I’m sure the defenders of the San Francisco supervisors will feign outrage over Mayor Zudans calling the city a “garbage pile” and for throwing the “terrorist” designation back in the face of the supervisors, but if the supervisors are going to cheapen that word by claiming the millions of members of the NRA are terrorists, then it’s hard to argue that Zudans is over the top in his rhetoric by calling supervisors terrorists for the problems on the poop and needle-strewn streets of San Francisco.

The whole “let’s call the NRA terrorists” thing started as a hashtag months ago on Twitter but was picked up by Moms Demand Action leader and San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who sponsored the resolution naming the gun rights organization a domestic terror group. It’s one thing to send out a garbage tweet, but it’s another thing entirely to push a garbage resolution in your official capacity as supervisor. In their zeal to de-normalize gun owners, anti-gun activists are increasingly willing to de-humanize them as well.

Will San Francisco supervisors respond to Mayor Zudans letter? It might be tough for publicity hounds like Stefani to ignore the smackdown from Zudans. Perhaps Stefani and her allies will fire back with a letter of their own mocking Vero Beach for losing the Dodgers spring training games to Glendale, Arizona. Who knows? Maybe they can pass a resolution banning him from the city. That does seem to be the favorite way for San Francisco politicians to deal with things they don’t like. Well, that and calling them terrorists.


May 17, 2021 1:30 PM ET