"Second Amendment Sanctuary" Sheriff Speaks Out

Hood County, Texas declared itself a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” this week, thanks in large part to the effort by Sheriff Roger Deeds, who first brought up the idea after hearing from a number of residents concerned about recent rhetoric by anti-gun politicians like Beto O’Rourke.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says he proposed the idea to county commissioners last month after O’Rourke said during a debate he would confiscate assault-style rifles if elected. The former Texas congressman’s campaign refocused on gun laws after the deadly mass shooting at a Walmart in his home town of El Paso.

“That generated more people coming to me and were really truly concerned that ‘is that gonna happen in Hood County?’” the sheriff said.

I’m very pleased that Sheriff Roger Deeds is today’s guest on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. and we have a great conversation about why he felt it was important to take this step, as well as the reaction within Hood County.

We also have another story of criminal injustice, this time from New Orleans, as well as an armed employee at a Dollar General who stopped an armed robber, and several first responders in a small Kansas town who went out of their way to help a stranded family.

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