Anti-Gun Billionaires Target Your Rights With Their Wallets

With Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack allegedly weighing a campaign for president, and Michael Bloomberg also thinking about jumping into the race, gun owners have billions of reasons to pay attention to what these activist elitists are up to.  The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow talks with me about the potential of a campaign by Stack or his buddy Bloomberg, but more importantly, where their campaign dollars will go if they’re not being wasted on their own bids for the White House.

Personally, I’d rather see these anti-gun billionaires spend hundreds of millions on a quixotic bid for president instead of dropping that same amount of cash in the laps of dozens of anti-gun candidates running for Congress or state legislative seats, but I suspect that neither Ed Stack nor Michael Bloomberg will be on your voting ballot next year. It’s far more likely that they’ll be funding candidates who are just as opposed to the right to keep and bear arms as they are, and gun owners are going to need to be engaged and involved in order to counter their campaign cash.

We also have the story of a stabbing committed in Bakersfield, California committed by an individual well known to law enforcement who was out on the streets instead of behind bars because of the endemic problems in the state’s criminal justice system, a case of self-defense involving Philadelphia Eagles player Fletcher Cox, and a police officer in New Babylon, New York who, along with several good samaritans, helped save the life of a man trapped in a burning home.

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