Bread Truck Driver Delivers Justice To Georgia Armed Robber

A man delivering bread to a Hardee’s restaurant in Ellenwood, Georgia Saturday morning ended up thwarting an armed robbery before police could arrive.

Officers were on their way to the restaurant after calls about an armed robbery, but while they were in route, driver Joseph Chilton, a concealed carry holder who was armed, drew his own firearm and engaged the robber.


A “short gun battle ensued,” leaving the robbery suspect wounded, police said. The suspect, identified as Demario Kentrell Parris, managed to escape the restaurant after getting shot twice, but he was later arrested at a home on Jewell Terrance Road…

Parrish remains in the hospital, where he is recovering from his gunshot wounds, authorities said. It’s unclear what he will be charged with. Nobody else was injured in the shooting.

According to CBS 46 in Atlanta, Chilton was actually heading inside the store with some bread when he heard the screams of an employee inside.

Around 6:30 a.m. at the Hardee’s on Anvilblock Road Mr. Chilton was delivering bread when he noticed employees running out of the back door and a woman screaming for help. The suspect, Parrish Damario Kentrell, had jumped over the counter and pointed a weapon at an employee and demanded cash. Meanwhile, Chilton quickly ran back to his truck and grabbed his firearm. He then headed back into the building to help the distressed employee.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill says that Chilton is a hero for “defending those who could not defend themselves”, and actually named Chilton an honorary deputy as well as enshrining the delivery driver into the sheriff’s Posse Hall of Fame. Chilton’s also being praised by several of the Hardee’s employees who had been threatened by the armed robber.


“The bread man put his gun up. The robber put his gun up and the bread man shot at him four times,” said manager Keysa Roberts. “His car was here, but he was able to stumble off into the woods.”…

“They got him thanks to our bread man,” said employee Helene Berkowitz.

Chilton wasn’t just in the right place at the right time to take action. He was able to do so because he had a firearm with him. I’m sure that some gun control advocates would roll their eyes at the thought that a guy delivering bread would need to carry a gun with him for self-protection, but as it turns out, if Chilton was unarmed who knows what might have happened. A potential tragedy was averted and a suspect is in custody thanks to the fact that an armed citizen was there, but if Chilton had been unarmed this story could unfolded very differently.






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