VA Del. Nick Freitas Rips Northam's Anti-Gun Agenda, Praises 2A Sanctuaries

As the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement sweeps across Virginia, we’ve seen a number of politicians trip over themselves to oppose it. Most recently, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax bashed the movement after a Roanoke City Council meeting Monday evening.

Speaking outside a Roanoke City Council meeting, Fairfax said the wave of counties that have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries doesn’t sway his opinion on the importance of gun control.

Instead, Fairfax said the focus should remain on what he called “common sense measures” to keep communities safe.

Thankfully, Fairfax didn’t join his fellow Democrat (and Virginia Congressman) Don McEachin in calling for the National Guard to enforce gun control laws in Second Amendment Sanctuary communities, but hey, it’s still early in the process. Heck, the Virginia legislative session hasn’t even started yet.

When it does, Del. Nick Freitas will be there defending the Second Amendment rights of Virginia residents. Freitas won re-election in November, and he’ll be an important voice in the Republican minority trying to turn back the tide of unconstitutional gun controls introduced by Democrats now in control of all branches of state government.

Freitas joined me on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. for a wide-ranging discussion about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda, and whether or not Virginia gun owners have any hope of defeating the unconstitutional proposals that have been offered.

“Look, I think a lot of the Democrats are very determined to push this legislation through. You know, for the longest time when we said ‘Democrats want to take your guns,’ they’d come back and say ‘that’s ridiculous, that’s hyperbole, that’s fear-mongering. No one wants to take your guns.’ And then the moment they took control of the General Assembly that’s exactly what they did,” Freitas explained.

“I think there were some people out there who took the Democrats at their word that they weren’t going to drop these extreme left-wing anti-gun bills, but no one is fooled anymore and no one believes that this is where it’s going to stop,” he continued.

I also asked about Governor Ralph Northam’s statement about modifying a proposed ban on handguns, rifles, and shotguns designated as “assault firearms” to include a grandfather clause that would allow owners to continue to possess the guns they currently own if they register them with the state. Freitas says the registration of guns is simply a prelude to a future legislature passing a law that would confiscate those arms.

“I think all of us understand that even if they got the ‘assault weapons ban’, Democrats are not going to go home and say ‘okay, we’ve done it, we’ve ended gun violence.’ They’ll just come back a year later trying to ban something else because when the policies that they are pushing forward don’t actually produce the results that they’ve promised their constituents, they never go back and introspectively decide “Gosh, maybe this approach isn’t the right one.’ Instead they always come back with new ways to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.”

“And let’s be clear about this ‘compromise’ that Governor Northam is calling for,” Freitas declared. “He’s essentially saying ‘We’ll do a grandfather clause but you have to register your guns.’ I always ask people this simple question; go show me a country that has started to register guns that didn’t lead to confiscation. Show me one, because that’s what happened in Australia, it’s what happened in England, it’s what’s happening in Canada. Every time a government says ‘hey, we’ll let you keep them we just want to register them’ it’s because they’re planning on taking them in the future.”

“And the moment anybody says that’s hyperbolic or we’re being extreme, just remember that the same Democrats who’ve told you for the last two years that nobody wants to take your guns, they just wanted ‘commonsense’ gun control measures, the moment they got a majority what did they do? They started passing gun confiscation bills. So one of the reasons why we can’t have an honest discussion about any of this is because the Democrats have demonstrated over and over again; they are lying when they say they don’t want to take the guns.”

Make sure you check out the entire interview with Del. Nick Freitas linked above, and stay tuned for more on Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary movement. I’ll be in Amelia County, Virginia this evening as county supervisors weigh a resolution, and will be checking in on Twitter this evening as well as delivering a full report here on Bearing Arms Thursday morning.

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