Colorado DA Throws Cold Water On Gun Storage Bill

Anti-gun lawmakers in Colorado are aiming to pass legislation requiring gun owners to keep their firearms locked up and inaccessible unless the firearms are “in use” or under the control of the gun owner, but one prosecutor in the state says he’s not convinced the law will make a difference.

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler says he hasn’t seen the specific language of the proposed legislation, but says that existing state law already allows for the prosecution of parents who allow their children to get access to a gun to hurt themselves.

Speaking on KHOW radio, Brauchler sounded dubious about the effectiveness of the proposed storage law, as well as a bill requiring gun owners to report gun thefts to police within a mandated time period, or else become a criminal themselves.

“It looks like, if you look at what coroners have reported and some other stuff, that the safe storage bill, if it was 100% effective, it could address up to six homicides or injuries — I think it was homicides –a year, across the state of Colorado. And that’s not a small number. I mean, every one of those lives matters.

“But that’s the best-case scenario for that particular law. But I agree with you, enforcement is extremely, extremely tricky. I think they both sound very common sense-y, and that’s why I think they are going to end up passing. People are going to go, ‘Well, of course, you shouldn’t leave guns lying around. The issue is, we already have laws that allow us to prosecute adults under a child abuse statute that says if you put a kid in a position to hurt themselves or others, we can already prosecute you for that. We don’t need a safe-storage bill for that.”

Brauchler’s right, but unfortunately Democrats in charge of the state legislature in Colorado seem to care very little about whether or not a gun control law actually works, as long as they can pass it and claim they “did something.”

Back in 2013, for example, Democrats rammed through universal background checks and a ban on magazines that can accept more than 15-rounds of ammunition. Since then, studies have shown that background checks have not increased, news reports have demonstrated that the magazine ban is virtually unenforceable, and violent crime has shot up by over 25-percent. If Democrats were seriously concerned about the effectiveness of these laws, they’d be taking a second look at them.

Instead, anti-gun lawmakers are doubling down on the idea that they can ban their way to safety by targeting legal gun owners instead of focusing on the state’s violent criminals. Not only are gun owners losing their rights because of the war on guns perpetrated by these politicians, Coloradans are losing their lives thanks to the lawmakers’ focus on legislation aimed at the law-abiding while ignoring proven strategies to reduce shootings in the state’s high-crime neighborhoods.