Man Defends Self After First Date Turns Into Home Invasion

An Atlanta man thought he was going to meet a woman for a date, but instead found himself in a shootout with strangers in his home Wednesday morning. According to Fox 5 in Atlanta, Tikoyo Lamonz Reeves connected with a woman on an online dating site, and invited her over to hang out. When she got there, she had brought along two uninvited guests; a woman who came in the front door with her, and a man who snuck in the back of the home armed with a rifle.


Atlanta Police Captain F. Turker says the Reeves’ dog began barking at the armed man, alerting the homeowner to the fact that there were actually three strangers in his home, and he grabbed his gun and exchanged fire with the home invader.

According to police, the two women and the would-be robber took off.

“The victim told us he believes one of the women may have also been hit by a bullet,” Captain Turner said.

Police are searching for the two women and the would-be robber.

“This was a set up and we will be following leads to find out who these people are,” Captain Turner said.

Medics took Reeves to a local hospital in stable condition.

Before we get to the self-defense aspects of this story, can we all just acknowledge that now probably isn’t the best time to try for an online hookup? Even if you’re practicing safe sex, you’re gonna be getting a little germy, and who knows where that person’s been over the last 14 days.

Having said that, at least Reeves had the presence of mind to have a firearm handy and ready to defend himself. If Reeves had been following the advice of gun control advocates, he would have to run to his gun safe, unlock his firearm, retrieve the ammunition that was stored separately, load his firearm, and then defend himself. In other words, we’d likely be looking at a homicide in Atlanta instead of a self-defense shooting.


Still, Reeves himself was injured in the incident, though according to the news report, it sounds like he’s is going to recover. When he gets home, I recommend he enjoy the company of his very good dog instead of inviting trouble into his house.

This is a serious moment for our country, and while I sincerely hope that this crisis can bring us together as Americans, clearly there are always going to be some among us who will try to exploit their fellow citizens, even in (or maybe especially in) troubled times. Be smart, be safe, and maybe don’t invite strangers over to watch Netflix and chill for the time being.

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