Indy FOP Partners With Eddie Eagle On Gun Safety Message

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police has released a new gun safety video aimed at kids who might run across an unsecured firearm in their home, and instead of relying on so-called gun safety organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety, the Indy FOP is using a familiar face to drive home the message that if kids see a gun, they need to stop, don’t touch, run away, and tell a grown-up.

The Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program has been around for more than 20 years, and has helped teach well over a million kids what to do if they happen to run across a gun. The program, created by the National Rifle Association, is aimed at kids in kindergarten through fourth grade, although Indy FOP president Rick Snyder is encouraging parents to watch the safety video alongside their children, telling his audience to “please take a moment, watch this video, share it with your kids, and remember; we’re in this together and we’ll get through this together.”

According to a statement by the Indianapolis FOP, the video isn’t meant to send a political message, just a simple and effective reminder for adults to keep unsecured firearms out of the hands of children, as well letting kids know what to do if they do discover a firearm in their home; stop, don’t touch, run away, and tell a grown up.

FOP said the message is simple, yet powerful in this time up upheaval. The organization also has provided coloring pages and other educational material attached in the YouTube message with links for Pre-K through 4th graders.

“We all play a role! This is just another way our Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police is providing practical information during these challenging times,” said Indy FOP President, Rick Snyder, “When we all Think Bigger about the challenges we face, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.”

FOP also said officers want to help avoid any accidental tragedies in these days of extended stays-at-home combined with the increase in gun sales, especially for first time buyers.

“We fully value the rights of individuals for self protection and also recognize the personal responsibility that comes with it,” said the statement from FOP.

This is a real gun safety message, as opposed to the messaging from “gun safety” groups like Everytown for Gun Safety, which is simply trying to prevent Americans from purchasing a firearm for self-defense in these uncertain times. Even while the Indianapolis PD grapples with the coronavirus, with at least twelve officers having tested positive for the disease as of last week, officers are still doing what they can to ensure that new gun owners are safe and responsible with their firearms, and that kids know what to do if they happen upon an unsecured firearm in their home. Kudos to the Indy FOP on their outreach, and here’s hoping it has a positive impact in the city.