Across The Country, Armed Citizens Are Standing Guard

During Wednesday’s VIP Gold live chat for with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and Townhall’s Julio Rosas, we had a question from one of our readers about why we’re not seeing more armed business owners protecting their property. My take was that there are obviously a lot of business owners who aren’t gun owners, but also that the media is going to focus most of its coverage on the protests themselves, along with any rioting or looting that takes place. The national news media certainly doesn’t want to provide any positive stories on people protecting their livelihoods with firearms, and if someone does have to use their firearm in self-defense, the media will be quick to fan the flames of outrage.


Still, if you start looking, you can find more and more stories of individuals and groups of armed citizens protecting not only their businesses, but their communities as well.

From Phoenix, Arizona:

As protesters in Scottsdale moved down 5th Avenue, local stores had windows broken and benches along the road were damaged.

The vandalism continued down the road, until protesters came to a local jewelry store. There, the protesters found a handful of people inside the store, armed with rifles and handguns.


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