Armed Citizens Fight Back In Chicago

As residents of the city of Chicago suffered through another violent weekend that left at least five people dead and more than 60 others wounded, some are turning to the Second Amendment to help keep them safe. One legal gun owner and concealed carry licensee was able to protect himself when shots were fired at him as he sat in his car on Sunday afternoon.

According to officials, a 24-year-old FOID and concealed carry cardholder was in a vehicle on the street when another 24-year-old man opened fire, striking the man in the vehicle in the right shoulder.

Police said the man in the vehicle then produced his own firearm and began shooting, striking the initial shooter in the torso.

Both suspect and victim were taken to a local hospital, where at last report they were both in serious condition.

Meanwhile, a jewelry store owner in the city says he’s been protecting his business from looters with a gun of his own. Terry Te, who owns Imperial Jewelers, told FOX Business’s Neil Cavuto that looters already destroyed his business once, and he wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“After the first round of looting back in May, they destroyed our building,” Te said on “Cavuto Live.” “So this time, I just wanted to stop as much destruction as possible and decided to come down right away after I heard the alarm ring.”

He added: “There’s so many looters from everywhere.”

Te was armed and wearing a vest when he confronted the looters, and thankfully the individuals trying to steal Te’s inventory didn’t get away with any merchandise, which Te had locked up in the store’s safe.

The violence in Chicago this past weekend wasn’t limited to the downtown area. According to WLS-TV, there were shootings in virtually every sector of the city, including a double shooting Saturday morning on a major thoroughfare.

An expressway shooting Saturday morning left two women hurt, one of them critically, on the Eisenhower Expressway in Austin on the West Side.

The women were shot at 4:13 a.m. in the eastbound lanes of I-290 near Laramie Avenue, according to Illinois State Police.

A 25-year-old was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, Chicago Fire Department officials said. The other woman, 21, was taken to the same hospital in fair-to-serious condition.

Remarkably, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wasn’t asked a single question about the surge in shootings when she appeared on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. The closest that host Margaret Brennan came to bringing up the subject was when she asked the mayor about violent protests that had broken out in the downtown area on Saturday night, leading to the arrest of two dozen people and more than a dozen injured police officers.

The political violence is certainly worth talking about, but it’s absolutely bizarre that Brennan would give Lightfoot a pass on the street violence overwhelming Chicago in order to lob softball questions about Lightfoot’s support for Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate. There’s really nothing newsworthy about a Democrat supporting the Democrat ticket, but Lightfoot’s failure to keep the peace in Chicago should have been the subject of at least a few critical questions. With violence seemingly out of control and Lightfoot unable or unwilling to do much about it, expect more armed citizens like Terry Te to use their right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses amidst the growing chaos.