After Kenosha Violence, Residents Flock To Local Gun Shops

Gun shops across the country have been reporting record levels of sales for firearms and ammunition for months now, but demand seems to have spiked even higher in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area after nearly a week of protests and violence rocked the city in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha PD officer.


According to TMZ, store shelves that were already pretty picked over have been cleared out completely in the area, with thousands of residents expressing a desire to purchase a firearm for self-defense.

Note who LaJoy’s customers are at the moment: mostly people who’ve never before purchased a firearm. And they’re not arming up to take to the streets, but to protect their homes.


Given the long delays at the moment for FOID card applications in Illinois, I’m guessing that most of the customers in Lake County, IL are either existing gun owners or people who made the decision to purchase their first firearm several months ago.

Any Illinois resident who just decided last week that they want to exercise their Second Amendment rights are going to be facing bigger issues than a three-day waiting period at the moment. It’s going to take months just for them to get their permission slip from the state of Illinois to be able to legally possess a gun. Hopefully these new and would-be gun owners remember in November the state-imposed delays preventing them from lawfully acquiring a firearm in August, and vote for the candidates that will support their Second Amendment rights instead of trying to infringe on them instead.







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