Philly Gun Owners Report Year-Long Wait For Concealed Carry Application

We’ve seen long lines at gun shops in Philadelphia this year, and now those long lines are leading to a long wait for those Philly residents hoping to not just own a gun, but be able to legally carry it as well.


According to several reports in the PAGuns community on Reddit, those attempting to apply for a concealed carry license in the city are now being scheduled for appointments in September of 2021. Not an appointment to pick up your license, mind you, just an appointment to pick up an application to apply for your license.

As one commenter described:

Became a first time gun owner a few months ago and have taken the responsibility and training very seriously. I called a month ago for an appointment to apply and I have one for 6/15/2021, which is absolutely absurd. No opportunity to even standby in the case of cancellation.

This is a huge problem, not only for Philly gun owners, but for Philadelphia politicians. Whether they realize it or not, this failure of the Philly police to process applications in a timely manner isn’t just depriving thousands of residents of their right to bear arms in self-defense, but it’s likely leading to more people illegally carrying guns. Not because they’re violent criminals, mind you, but because they’d rather risk being caught in possession of a gun without a carry license than being cornered by a criminal without a means to protect or defend themselves.

There have already been more than 300 homicides in Philadelphia this year, and criminals are now so emboldened that they’re even gunning down people as they’re talking to police.


Investigators said police were called to the scene after reports of a disturbance at a large house party. According to police, as the officers arrived, they exited their car and began talking to a 33-year-old man who was at the party. That’s when, according to the officers, a dark-colored Nissan Maxima sped by and opened fire on the man, striking him at least five times.

Police said when the shots rang out, the officers ran for cover and called for backup, bringing in dozens of officers from several surrounding districts.

Police transported the man to Temple University Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Investigators said the Maxima was later stopped on the Girard Point Bridge and a man and a woman were taken into custody. Police said they believe the incident began as an argument inside of the party.

Philly has the second highest number of homicides in the country at the moment, trailing only Chicago in the amount of killings since January. For the past three years the city’s topped more than 300 homicides, but this year they’re on pace for more than 400 murders, which hasn’t happened in Philadelphia in well over a decade.

The city’s violent criminals are illegally carrying guns with impunity, and are probably thrilled that legal gun owners are being told it will be a year or more before they can even begin the process of applying for a concealed carry license. Those legal gun owners, on the other hand, should be absolutely furious and disgusted at the inaction of city leaders when it comes to exercising their right of self-defense.


How many times has Mayor Jim Kenney talked about the importance of protecting the right to protest over the past three months? Don’t get me wrong; I support the First Amendment as much as I do the Second. I only wish the mayor felt the same way. Instead, he seems utterly unconcerned about good people in bad neighborhoods having to choose between being disarmed due to the bureaucracy, or carrying a gun for self-defense even though it could land them in jail.

The inability or unwillingness of the city of Philadelphia to process these concealed carry applications in a timely manner isn’t just putting law-abiding gun owners at risk, it’s actually creating criminals out of thin air. Non-violent criminals, to be sure, but in the eyes of the law they’re still committing a criminal offense. Frankly, this is a perfect example of why constitutional carry laws should be the norm across the country, but for now Philly’s carry laws remain intact, though they’re providing far more benefit to violent criminals than the cops on the street and the residents who just want to be able to protect themselves in a dangerous city without breaking the law.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to happen, though I know he won’t be. I think it’s far more likely that he feels a perverted sense of pride over the fact that Philadelphians are having their Second Amendment rights put in limbo. It’s obvious Philly’s politicians have no interest in addressing this crisis, and that means it may ultimately be up to the courts, starting with any Philadelphians willing to challenge the bureaucratic brick wall via a lawsuit.



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