Irony Alert: Rapper Glokk9 Arrested For Illegal Gun Possession

Police in Orlando, Florida arrested 20-year old Jacquavius Smith a couple of weeks ago after pulling over a car to check the tint on its windows. After smelling marijuana, police ended up searching the car and found a Glock 17 that had been reported stolen, and a few days later police recovered Smith’s fingerprints from the gun.


That’s a no-no, given the fact that Smith is already a convicted felon at the tender age of 20, and he’s currently being held behind bars without bail in the Orange County jail on felon-in possession charges.

While Smith could be looking at several years in a federal prison on the criminal charges if they’re referred to the U.S. Attorney, at least he’s staying on brand by allegedly possessing a stolen Glock. Smith, an aspiring rapper, is also known as Glokk9 or 9lokknine, but police say the young man is better known in the department for his alleged gang activity than his recordings.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Smith is part of The Army street gang, and he is connected to a series of shootings throughout the area.

“He is associated with the All Family No Friends gang. That would be him,” said Lt. Paul Volkerson with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crime Unit in an October 15 interview with News 6.

Smith’s attorney insists the rapper is not part of a gang.

“Glokk9 is neither the leader nor a member of a street gang. He has had no involvement in any of the shootings other than being shot at,” attorney David Bigney wrote in an email to News 6.

According to police, Smith was arrested as part of a gang sweep in October that resulted in more than 75 arrests, including 20-year old Javarri Walker, another local rapper who’s also known as Hotboii438. The Orlando PD’s Volkerson says that All Family No Friends and 438 are some of the most violent gangs in the city, but attorneys for the men dispute that they’re involved in gang activity at all.


“Javarri Walker is not now nor has he ever been a gang member,” wrote his attorney Raven Liberty. “438 is also not a gang, it is a state road that runs through the Pine Hills Community where Mr. Walker grew up. Young black men residing in the same zip code does not equate to a gang, nor does it justify the Orange County Sheriffs Department’s fabrication of such, in an effort to mislead the public and deflect from the murder of Salaythis Melvin, by the inept hands of one of their deputies. The only articles that should be mentioning Javarri Walker a/k/a Hotboii are ones that are celebrating his success and soon to be released debut album title “Double00baby”, rather than the recent onslaught of stories assassinating his character and reputation.

Gotta love a lawyer who uses his client’s arrest to try to promote his new album, though I’d say that Walker has done a decent job of impugning his own character and reputation with lyrics like this.

Red beam so precisive, yeah
Heat you, no Hibachi, yeah (Heat you, no Hibachi)
I just copped a .40, I put the red beam on the side of him
We bring all the noise, I spent some money just to silence him (I spent a check)
They say if I live by him (If I live)
One day I’ma die by him
I’m dying on my own (Yeah)
So I’m riding on my own (Oh, yeah)


Smith, meanwhile, may be best known for his feature on the 2018 song “223s” by rapper YNW Melly, who’s also now behind bars facing two murder charges in connection with the death of two of his associates last year. Given the fact that Smith is currently being held without bond, he’ll likely have plenty of time to work on new material behind bars, though it might be awhile before he has a chance to record any of it.

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