VIP Gold Live Chat: Cam Edwards & Ed Morrissey - REPLAY AVAILABLE

Get ready for another fantastic VIP Gold chat with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards coming up at 1:30 pm ET today. We’ll be taking VIP Gold members’ questions and comments and giving in-depth analysis of the top topics of the day, Thanksgiving recipes, and whatever else is on your mind.

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I’m prepared to talk all things 2nd Amendment, while Ed has the latest on the elections, transitions, and other top news of the day.

There’s plenty to discuss today, including:

  • Donald Trump’s election challenges
  • Joe Biden’s transition
  • The latest on the runoffs in Georgia
  • The latest in #2A cases
  • Beards and social media
  • COVID-19 developments, and economic meltdown

With all the fast-moving developments, our VIP Gold members can get the latest as it happens from Cam and Ed. And if you weren’t able to take part in the chat as it happened, it’s available right here as a replay for our VIP Gold members.