Detroit Intruders Stopped In Two Separate Armed Citizen Actions

Detroit could very well end up as the most violent city in the United States this year, a dubious title that the city also claimed in 2019. Criminals in the Motor City may be getting away with a lot of crimes, but two armed citizens in Detroit have done their part to protect themselves and their communities in recent days by taking on home invaders and intruders in two separate incidents.


The first incident took place on Monday evening, when police report that a 22-year old armed with a rifle entered a home in northwest Detroit without permission.

Once inside, he confronted an occupant of the home at gunpoint. At some point during the incident, the resident, who is a CPL holder, produced his handgun and fired multiple shots at the 22-year-old male suspect, striking and fatally wounding him.

The investigation continues, but based on the initial reporting this appears to be a clear case of self-defense. That’s also the case in the second incident involving an armed citizen, which took place about 24 hours after that Detroit homeowner shot and killed the 22-year old suspect who’d entered his home.
On Tuesday afternoon, a woman who owns a home on the city’s east side spotted a man on her surveillance video entering her home, but a quick search of the premises turned up nothing. Later that evening, however, the woman heard sounds coming from her attic, and she grabbed her gun before checking out the noise.

Police say she entered the attic and warned whoever was there to show themselves. When he did not, and she saw movement, she fired and struck the man.

When officers arrived, they applied a tourniquet and then medics transported him to a hospital. He is listed in stable condition and is in police custody.

When medically able, police will transport him to Detroit Detention Center.


The suspect, identified as a 19-year old man, is expected to recover from his injuries, while the homeowner isn’t expected to face any charges for defending herself.

It’s kind of surprising to me that these stories aren’t getting more attention from the local press. Beyond brief write-ups in a couple of local papers, the actions of these armed citizens have gone largely unreported and unacknowledged by the press, even though they highlight the fact that Detroit residents don’t have to be defenseless victims of crimes in their own homes.

Perhaps it’s media bias at work, or maybe Detroit’s reporters have become so numb to the continued reports of violent crime that they can’t recognize a compelling story when they see one. Regardless of the lack of media attention, I’m glad that these residents were able to protect themselves when strangers entered their homes with ill intent, and I hope more Detroiters learn from their example.

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