Armed Citizens Help Stop Attack On Las Vegas Cop

A call about a disturbance at a Las Vegas gun range ended with a man being shot as he attacked a responding officer with a screwdriver earlier this week.

It was just before 1 p.m. on Wednesday when authorities were called to The Range, just off the Las Vegas strip, on a report of a man causing a disturbance inside of the range. According to police, the individual left the store before officers arrived, and was followed by several individuals who were trying to prevent him from re-entering the range.


When two officers arrived at the range a short time later, they attempted to talk to the man, but he apparently wasn’t interested in a conversation.

“As they attempted to have more verbal contact with him, he pulled out a screwdriver and violently attacked one of our officers,” [Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Jamie] Prosser said. “At that time, three citizens as well as her partner officer fired multiple rounds, striking the subject.”

The man died at the scene. The officer was taken to University Medical Center, where she was treated and released, Prosser said.

So far the identity of the attacker hasn’t been released, and police haven’t offered a motive for the crime.

As for the armed citizens, while the investigation continues, it sounds like officers on scene were grateful for their presence.

“I would like to take a moment to remind everyone the dangers of this job, of being a police officer,” said a representative for LVMPD during a press briefing from the scene, “and to thank good citizens that step up and help us in our time of need.”

Democrats in Nevada are currently pushing a number of new gun control proposals aimed directly at legal gun owners like the armed citizens who were able to defend the officer who was being attacked. The Center for American Progress and the Institute for a Progressive Nevada recently unveiled a six-point plan to restrict the rights of gun owners in the Silver State, including bans on modern sporting rifles and ammunition magazines that can accept more than ten rounds.


Also on the list of demands by gun control activists; a new gun licensing law that allows for law enforcement to deny individuals their Second Amendment rights based on subjective standards of suitability.

While Nevada voters took a significant step in 2016 by passing a ballot measure to implement universal background checks for all gun sales, the state can go even further to dramatically reduce gun violence in Nevada communities. Building on the framework of the strong universal background check law, lawmakers in Nevada should enact a law that requires individuals to obtain a license prior to purchasing a gun. According to an analysis by the Giffords Law Center, eight states have enacted laws requiring that individuals obtain a license prior to purchasing firearms, and another three states require people to have a valid license or permit to possess firearms. These laws include a combination of requirements such as providing fingerprints, completing an application, and submitting to an in-person interview in addition to a standard gun background check.

Instead of listening to the calls for more gun control on the part of progressive activists in the state, lawmakers in Nevada should pay heed to the officers who praised the armed citizens for being able to act in defense of another. Nevada doesn’t need any more gun control laws, but it could use all the good guys and gals with guns that it can find.

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