Biden Lied About WH Pot Policy. Why Trust Him On Guns?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

My colleague Ed Morrissey has an interesting piece over at Hot Air on the abrupt about-face coming from the Biden administration regarding their policy about previous use of marijuana among staffers that also bears some consideration when it comes to Biden’s proposed gun ban. After first being told that previous pot use would not be a disqualifying factor for a job in the administration, dozens of applicants disclosed that, yes, they had inhaled at some point in their lives.


Shortly after those disclosures, however, the administration reversed course, and those that trusted Biden to keep his word have been “suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program” after honestly informing officials of their previous drug use. As Ed says:

It’s not just that the White House hinted that marijuana use wouldn’t be an issue. They explicitly told these applicants not to worry about it, and more importantly, to be honest about it in their background checks. The Biden team essentially suckered these men and women into making themselves unemployable in government, using these admissions to put them either out of work or a status that is essentially equal to being canned. Even those who are still employed but forced to work from home have lost the most critical part of their jobs — access.

So what does this have to do with Joe Biden’s plan to ban AR-15s and other other semi-automatic rifles? Well, under Biden’s proposal the tens of millions of Americans who currently own one of those firearms would have a couple of options. First, they could hand over their guns to the federal government in exchange for some sort of cash stipend. Alternatively, Biden says that existing gun owners could register their firearms under the National Firearms Act. If they do so, they get to keep their guns forever… or so Biden promises.


Well, we’ve now seen how valuable a promise from Joe Biden is. Dozens of Democrats are looking for new employment thanks to Biden’s lies about his pot policy, and if that’s how Biden treats his friends, you can imagine how meaningless his word is when it comes to dealing with gun owners.

If Biden’s gun ban ever gets implemented, how long would it be before that registry of gun owners would be used as a tool for confiscation? It only took a few weeks for Biden’s lie about previous pot use to reach its expiration date, and I’m guessing that it wouldn’t take too much longer for his administration to reverse their previous statements about being able to keep those firearms that were registered with Uncle Sam.

I’d like to think that most gun owners don’t put a lot of stock in Biden’s promises to begin with, but any lingering belief that Biden is a man of his word should be put to rest with the removal of dozens of staffers who dared to trust what their boss told them. If he’s willing to lie to them, he’s definitely willing to lie to you.



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