Greene's Gun Raffle Trolls Anti-Gun Activists

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I’m not the biggest fan of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene; not because of her views on the Second Amendment, where we’re largely in agreement, but because I think she’s one of many politicians more interested in advancing her career and getting the spotlight than in actually being an effective representative.


When it comes to getting stuff done in Washington, D.C., Greene hasn’t seen much success. When it comes to drawing headlines, however, the congresswoman rivals Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her ability to play the media like a fiddle. Take the handwringing from Business Insider over Greene’s latest fundraising effort; a raffle for a Honey Badger AR-15-style pistol.

Insider saw an email sent by Rep. Greene’s campaign last Saturday, which proclaimed that the giveaway would go on for two more weeks.

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi would love nothing more than to ban, confiscate, and destroy our gun rights through a flurry of ‘executive orders.’ This is the most vicious assault on our gun rights our country has seen in decades,” read the email.

“The radical left isn’t just coming after me. They’re coming after you. They’re fighting for their America Last agenda every single day to plunge America into a socialist hellhole.”

In the email, Greene says she is the “biggest defender of gun rights in Congress,” and that she is “giving away the gun Joe Biden wants to ban” as part of her fight for Second Amendment rights.

“It’s the same type of gun the hate-America gun-grabbers in DC would love to ban if they ever get the votes,” said the sign-up page for the firearm raffle.

The raffle is taking place even as the number of mass shootings in the US skyrockets, with gun violence seeing a marked resurgence.


One thing to note about Greene’s pitch: Biden isn’t waiting on Congress when it comes to AR-style pistols. He’s directed the DOJ and the ATF to come up with a new rule that could require all existing owners of AR-style pistols to register them with the federal government under the National Firearms Act, at least if they have a pistol stabilizing brace attached.

As for Greene holding her fundraising gun raffle while violent crime is increasing across the country, why shouldn’t she do so? After all, we’re also seeing record numbers of law-abiding Americans purchase firearms, with more than 20-million guns sold last year and more than 2-million firearms sold just last month. The rise in violent crime has many of us thinking more about the safety of ourselves and our families, and we don’t believe that trying to ban our way to safety is constitutional or practical.

Greene’s fundraiser is red meat for her supporters and the anti-gun media alike. Second Amendment fans can stick it to the Biden administration by winning a gun he wants to ban, and the press can put Greene in their headlines for doing something that they think is outrageous and beyond the pale. I don’t think Greene’s gun giveaway is going to do much to advance the cause of Second Amendment activists, but in terms of generating free press and campaign cash, I suspect it will be a huge success.


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