Who's Ready For Another Round Of Celebrities Demanding Gun Control?

With Democrats’ desire for new gun control laws stymied by the Senate, anti-gun activists are reaching deep into their toolbox and pulling out one of their most-dreaded tactics: nagging by celebrities.


Samantha Bee, host of the TBS show “Full Frontal,” is once again devoting one of her shows to bloviating about the need for gun control, as she does on a regular basis, but this time the basic cable comedian is sure to make a difference, because she’s enlisting some of her Hollywood pals to help.

Oh, and you know she’s super serious because she’s dropping f-bombs.

“It’s gotten to the point that when a shooting does happen you can’t even call it ‘the shooting’ because there are three other shootings that happened that day. And I want to talk about it on this show. I want to talk about why the f*ck we aren’t doing anything to change things,” Bee grumbles in a new promo for Wednesday night’s show.

So what’s the one bleeping thing that Bee and her buddies (including Rep. Ilhan Omar) are hoping gets done?

Well, on that Bee is pretty f*cking quiet. She’s got the catch phrase down, and in true celebrity PSA fashion the phrase “do one f*cking thing about guns” is repeated ad nauseam throughout the two minute clip, but she never actually says what she thinks that one thing should be.

Given that Bee is directing her message at Congress, however, one would assume that the one thing she’s talking about is Senate passage of the pair of gun control bills approved by the House earlier this year. The only problem is that even if those bills were to become law, they wouldn’t do a single f*cking thing to prevent violent crime.


Universal background checks simply can’t stop a violent crime from taking place, because there’s no way for law enforcement to proactively enforce the law when it comes to private transfers of firearms. As for the other piece of legislation that would allow the FBI to delay approvals for gun sales indefinitely, that would do far more to curtail legal gun ownership than it would to stop criminals from obtaining a gun.

Of course none of that matters to Bee and her buddies, who are far more interested in virtue signaling than actually advocating for any specific policy proven to reduce crime.

It’s also highly amusing to me that Bee and the other gun control activists are so enthusiastic in pushing for more gun control laws, given that she’s also a big fan of defunding the police.

“Given the enormous harm being done to the black and brown communities, we can’t only keep responding with the same weak incremental tweaks,” Bee said. “George Floyd himself was killed in a city that has been called a shining star of police reform. Police reform hasn’t brought the change we need but there is something we can do: We can defund the police.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of Full Frontal, and have no real desire to watch one, but I might tune in if there was an episode featuring Samantha Bee arguing with herself over the issue gun control and policing. After all, Bee clearly wants to see more gun laws on the books, though she doesn’t quite seem to have a firm grasp of the fact that it will be cops enforcing those new laws once they’re in place.


One more fun fact about Bee’s anti-gun activism: if you go to YouTube to watch the preview clip I shared above, you can donate to the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. As of this writing, the video has been up for about 24 hours and has raised a whopping $42.00. I’m not sure if that says more about Samantha Bee’s drawing power (or the lack thereof) or the fact that most gun control supporters know that Everytown for Gun Safety’s biggest donor is billionaire Michael Bloomberg, so the group doesn’t really need their cash, but either way, it’s worth highlighting that Bee’s few remaining viewers don’t seem to be too f*cking inspired to donate as a result of her activism/virtue signaling.

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