"He Got His Gun, We Got Ours" - Armed Man Taunts Baltimore Cop

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

There are very few individuals permitted by the state of Maryland to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. The state’s “may issue” concealed carry laws may prevent the vast majority of legal gun owners from lawfully carrying, but one look at Baltimore’s homicide rate and it’s clear that violent criminals are ignoring the prohibition on bearing arms on a regular basis.

Frankly, why wouldn’t they feel emboldened? Mayor Brandon Scott and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby have already made it clear that they’re adopting a soft-on-crime approach, with Mosby declaring that her office would no longer prosecute a large number of low-level offenses, including prostitution, drug distribution, and even trespassing.

So far, that approach hasn’t paid off. Homicides are up substantially in Baltimore this year, on pace for a seventh straight year of 300+ murders. And while criminals are feeling emboldened, a new video making the rounds on social media shows that police may be deciding not to bother making arrests for other crimes, like carrying a gun without a license.

The Baltimore Police Department is investigating a video posted to social media of a city police officer being taunted by a man with a gun inside a shop but apparently taking no action in response.

The video shows a young man inside the unidentified convenience store lift up his jacket to expose and pat what appears to be a handgun on his hip. The camera then pans toward a uniformed police officer who watches.

“Front of the police and all that,” a man filming can heard saying. The camera then focuses on the officer’s gun, and the man filming says, “he got his gun, we got ours.”

The officer, who appears unfazed, shakes his head and responds “you’re a clown.”

The Baltimore Sun points out (rather petulantly, in my opinion), that despite Mosby’s edicts, her new policy on non-prosecution “does not apply to gun-related charges.” That may be the case, but it’s also true that even before Mosby’s decree, gun possession charges were being dropped on a regular basis, and even those convicted of the crime typically had a substantial portion of their sentences reduced to probation.
Now, we don’t know why the cop responded the way he did, but perhaps he decided not to ask to see the guy’s concealed carry license because he knew that an arrest wouldn’t be worth the paperwork if it turned out the man wasn’t legally carrying. Can you blame really blame him?
More importantly, should the officer face criticism? Do the same Democrats who complain about overpolicing truly believe that this this guy should have been taken into custody because he displayed his gun to the officer? I doubt that many of them would say yes, but it’s also unlikely that any of them would say that changes should be made to the state’s carry laws to allow the average citizen the right to carry a gun without committing a crime.
No, Democrats, including those in charge in Baltimore, want it both ways when it comes to gun laws. They’ll complain about the disproportionate impact when the laws are enforced, but they can’t bring themselves to actually repeal any of their precious restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms that are often used to put young Black men in jail for non-violent offenses. We’ll no doubt see some of those local politicians condemn this officer for not arresting a guy with a gun, but if the officer had made an arrest, those same politicians would be complaining that the handcuffs were completely unnecessary.
It seems to me the simplest answer here would be for those in charge in Baltimore to recognize the Second Amendment, work with the Democrats in control of the state legislature in Annapolis to stop preventing responsible gun owners from carrying a firearm in self-defense, and direct the Baltimore Police Department to focus on the city’s most violent offenders, who are the ones actually responsible for the vast majority of the more than 300 people who will lose their lives in a Baltimore homicide this year. Too bad the Democrats running Baltimore would never be bold enough in their “re-imagining” of policing to ever acknowledge the right of the people to keep and bear arms.