Talk 2A & More W/ Ed Morrissey and Cam Edwards - Replay Available

From the unusual delay in the DOJ’s proposed rule on frames and receivers being officially published to the Supreme Court’s 9-0 decision in a case involving the warrantless seizure of firearms from a Rhode Island man, we’ve got some interesting 2A topics for this week’s live chat, including:

  • the Arkansas man who stopped a potential mass shooting with a gun of his own
  • The Alabama state representative fired from his role as a sheriff’s captain over his support for permitless carry
  • New York’s existential threat to the firearms industry
  • Mark McCloskey’s potential run for a U.S. Senate seat in Missouri

Ed has his own list of topics that’ve been on his mind, but honestly, it’s you and our other VIP Gold members who’ll decide where the conversation takes us.

The live chat kicks off at 1:30 ET, but if you miss any of it as it happens you can always catch the replay on demand. I’m looking forward to one of my favorite hours of the week, and I hope you’ll be able to be a part of it this afternoon.