Etsy Scraps Sales Of Gun Parts, Accessories

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily think of Etsy as the go-to place for accessories or parts for your guns in the first place, but as it turns out there are a number of small shops on the site that specialize in things like custom grips, holsters, and even sights for firearms.

Well, there were a number of small shops offering those things. Now, thanks to a new policy change from Etsy, many of those items are now banned.

The global online marketplace has long prohibited the sale of weapons, including guns and most gun parts, although it is now “expanding this enforcement,” the company confirmed to FOX Business in a statement Monday.

“We take the safety of our marketplace very seriously, and we regularly revisit our policies and make adjustments in accordance with industry, legal, and regulatory standards,” an Etsy spokesperson said.

The new regulations were communicated to all of the sellers on the platform that would be affected. The sellers were given two weeks to update their inventory to comply with this policy before the items would be removed from the marketplace on May 25.

Even decorative items like those custom-made grips apparently fall under the new policy, much to the exasperation of the artisans on Etsy.

“I’m currently selling wooden grips for guns under the category that Etsy setup for them,” Etsy seller UniqueWood220 wrote.” Does Etsy now consider them forbidden under this new rule. If so, I need to quickly find another place to list my items.

Etsy allegedly responded by saying that it “can no longer accommodate these products in our marketplace.”

There are (or were) thousands of listings on the site for grips and other accessories for firearms, all of which are forbidden as of today. With gun sales booming and millions of new gun owners looking to customize their firearms, Etsy’s decision to ban all gun accessories and parts from the site doesn’t make much sense from a financial perspective, but the company is apparently willing to lose out on some profits in the name of wokeness. This is a political decision by Etsy, and it’s another demonstration of how many on the Left are trying to denormalize gun ownership, even as more non-conservatives are embracing their right to keep and bear arms.

I think the anti-gun crowd is going to lose that war on gun ownership, even as they notch up victories like Etsy’s decision to make the site as gun-free as possible. Yes, the anti-gun hostility displayed by Etsy will definitely end up having an impact on these vendors, but I wonder if there’s not an opening now for websites like to fill the void by offering an Etsy-like shopping platform for small independent shops to continue to offer up their goodies to gun owners. I have a feeling that some enterprising individual or company will take advantage of the opportunity presented by Etsy’s hoplophobia, but unfortunately the transition to a new platform isn’t going to be seamless for the makers themselves.