Phoenix Man Takes On Four Home Invaders.. And Wins

(AP Photo/George Frey)

This is pretty wild footage from Phoenix, Arizona, where a homeowner was able to thwart a home invasion thanks to help of his gun and his doorbell camera.

It was just before 4 a.m. back on August 12th when the four men pulled up outside a home on the city’s north side and quickly prepared to kick down the front door. One of the would-be home invaders even spotted the doorbell cam, briefly covering up with his hand before he decided to focus on his task at hand. Once the door was breached, the four men prepared to rush inside, only to be confronted with gunfire from the armed homeowner.


The four men quickly ran back to a waiting car and sped off into the night. It’s unclear at this point whether any of the suspects were injured, but we do know that so far no arrests have been made.

This story is one of several defensive gun uses that you probably didn’t see in the national news media this week, including another attempted home invasion in Toledo, Ohio that didn’t turn out too well for the suspect.

Toledo police tell us that the man tried to burglarize a home that was occupied. He made it through the front door and was met with force when a female resident fired at him, hitting him multiple times.


That man then stumbled away and fell onto the front lawn where he was found by medics. Life-saving procedures were being done on the man as he was being put into the life squad. He was rushed to a hospital with critical injuries. We are told that he did have a pulse.


The woman who fired the gun was taken in for questioning as standard protocol. We are also told that there were several children inside of the home when the man entered. Nobody else was injured.

We don’t have much more information than that at the moment, unfortunately. One of the big unanswered questions is whether or not the man knew the residents inside the home, or if this was a random encounter. Either way, it sounds like he tried to gain access to someplace where he wasn’t supposed to be, and so far police have said nothing to indicate this isn’t a case of self-defense.


We do, however, know more about the circumstances of another defensive gun use this week. A woman in Houston, Texas was busy getting her three kids ready for school on Monday when her estranged husband showed up at the home and attacked her. In turn, the woman drew her handgun and shot her attacker several times.

“He shows up. We don’t know what his intention was,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. “It quickly escalated.”


Authorities said the man was out on bond for another attack on his wife.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the case will be referred to a grand jury to see if charges will be filed.

I’d say it’s pretty apparent what his intent was, since he showed up at the home while out on bond for assaulting his wife and started assaulting her again. Given the fact that there are multiple eyewitnesses to the attack, I’m guessing it won’t take too long for a grand jury to clear the woman of any potential charges. It also sounds like police believe she was acting in self-defense (and potentially in defense of her children as well).

This is a sad situation, but it would have been even more tragic had the mom and her kids been harmed. Based on the fact that the woman was carrying at 8 a.m. while inside her home, it sounds like she was already worried that her husband might come after her again, and while I wish he’d simply stayed away, I’m glad and grateful that she was able to protect herself and her children from any potential harm.


Stories like these happen every day across the country, though they rarely garner national attention. The news media has no problem covering violent crimes, but for some reason (which surely has nothing to do with the hive mind mentality in the news media when it comes to gun control) they seem to prefer stories with unarmed victims rather than armed citizens who fight back.

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