Gun Owners Still Engaged Against Biden's 2A Threat

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb joins Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co today to talk about a number of topics, from Joe Biden’s gun giveaway to the Taliban to the surge in new members that the group is seeing in response to a new television ad highlighting the president’s stated desire to ban not just AR-15s, but even 9mm pistols.


The most important takeaway from the conversation with Gottlieb: gun owners remain engaged in their fight to protect the right to keep and bear arms from the Biden administration’s attempts to enact his anti-gun agenda. In fact, Gottlieb says the Second Amendment Foundation has grown by 20,000 members in just the last week, despite the fact that the calamity in Kabul has pushed stories like the nomination of gun control activist David Chipman as permanent director of the ATF out of the news cycle.

That’s good news for Second Amendment supporters, especially since it comes as Biden’s squandering his political capital on the botched pullout from Afghanistan; seeking support from his fellow Democrats, even as many in Congress are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of Biden’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan by August 31st whether or not we’ve been able to extricate all American citizens and Afghan SIV holders.

Biden’s foreign policy disaster could spell trouble for his domestic agenda as well, and Gottlieb says he’s increasingly optimistic about Republicans taking back both the House and Senate in next year’s midterms. Between now and then, however, Gottlieb says he’s concerned that increasingly desperate Democrats will try to put even more pressure on senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to nuke the filibuster and launch a full-scale effort to impose Biden’s proposed gun ban, as well as pack the Supreme Court full of anti-gun justices and enact sweeping legislation dealing with elections designed to keep Democrats in control of the legislative branch for the foreseeable future.


Still, despite those concerns, Gottlieb expressed confidence that, as long as the grassroots army of 2A activists remains engaged and informed, we’ll be able to defeat those attempts by the gun control lobby and the Biden administration to go after our right to keep and bear arms; both in Congress and the courts. And with new gun owners joining the fight every day, I believe Gottlieb has good reason for his optimism.

From a political perspective, Biden is already hobbled in his efforts to pass his gun control legislation through Congress, and Republicans now have a new argument to raise thanks to the president’s ineptitude in dealing with the Taliban: the same guy who allowed tens of billions of dollars worth of weaponry to fall into the hands of the warlords now in charge of Afghanistan wants you to hand over your modern sporting rifle to the government. “Joe Biden is arming the Taliban while disarming Americans” is a pretty strong argument, and it has the added benefit of being true.

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