VIP Gold Live Chat- California Recall, Chipman's Fall, & Celebrity Balls - Replay Available

As well as the balls of the friends of celebrities’ cousins, I suppose.

Yes, it’s going to be a potent VIP Gold live chat with my friend Ed Morrissey of HotAir and myself coming up at 1:30 ET. You can access the chat right here live as it happens, or on demand after we’ve wrapped up if you can’t join in the conversation in real-time.

You decide what we’re talking about, but there are plenty of topics worth discussing, including:

  • David Chipman’s defeat and what happens next
  • Afghanistan disgrace and Lloyd Austin’s no-show
  • Gun sales and gun rights in the midterms
  • Mark Milley’s secret conversations with China
  • Say Tax to the Dress and other messages from our self-professed betters at the Met gala

And of course, any breaking news that might pop up between now and then.