Dukes Of Hazard Star Voices Pro-Second Amendment Sentiment

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Hollywood isn’t known for being friendly to the Second Amendment. While they love their guns for the movies, the actors, directors, producers, and just about everyone else with even a hint of power seem to love them some gun control.


Over and over again, we see actors who make money with guns on-screen bash gun ownership off-screen.

Worse, it often seems like the media fawns all over these stars as if their profession makes them some kind of moral compass for the rest of the world. Never mind just how screwed up Hollywood is in the first place. Nope, don’t focus on that, just focus on them saying the right things.

So, it’s nice when an actor steps up and voices what so many of us believe.

Hollywood actor John Schneider, best known for his role as Jonathan Kent in Smallville and Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, has revealed that he has always supported the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment.

“I was watching Newsmax last night, and I think it was Greg Kelly that said that Republicans who are running in the midterm elections need to understand that there are issues that they must not shy away from,” recalled Schneider during a relatively recent livestream. “If they do, [Kelly] didn’t say this but I’m saying it’s kind of the sin of omission, or the error of omission.”

“So if you are of that mind, and you are going to be on a ballot, or you’re going to try to be on a ballot in 2022, you do need to understand — as Greg Kelly said — that you must publicly be in favour of in order to get our support, and there are many of us,” said the actor, before clarifying, “Of course, I’m talking about the Second Amendment. I’m talking about our right to bear arms. I’m talking about our right to protect ourselves. Ourselves and our families; those we love.”

Showing his full support for the right to bear arms, the Smallville actor added, “I’ve always been in favour of it. I’ve always been a fan of the Second Amendment. I’ve always been a gun owner,” and makes a point in favour of this particular constitutional right, stating that “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”


Of course, that’s hardly cutting-edge pro-gun commentary, but Schneider is an actor, not a commentator. He’s also dead on accurate

Interesting of note, neither his two biggest roles–Smallville and The Dukes of Hazard–involved Schneider using a firearm. In The Dukes of Hazard, his character and cousin Luke were prohibited from owning guns due to the terms of probation for bootlegging. They used bows. In Smallville, Schneider’s character was Superman’s father.

Not much need for a gun then, now is there?

Anyway, as we continue to be bombarded with media signals from celebrities and pseudo-celebrities about how they know more than you do about what your rights are and what they should be, consider for a moment that even in Hollywood, not everyone wants to strip your rights away.

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