R. Lee Ermey's Guns Up For Auction

(Randy Davey/The Jacksonville Daily News via AP, File)

Looking for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift that doesn’t involve dealing with supply chain issues from importing overseas goods? Good news, at least as long as your Christmas budget is much bigger than mine. There are some very cool guns coming up for auction soon, and to add to the “wow” factor, they’re coming from the personal collection of the late actor, 2A activist, and (most importantly) Marine veteran R. Lee Ermey; the Gunny himself.


I was never more than an acquaintance of Ermey, but we would always see each other and chat at SHOT Show, the NRA Annual Meeting, and any other event where we found ourselves in the same place. Our conversations were always way too brief, and I felt the same way about the occasions when I was able to interview him for Cam & Co. You could spend hours with Ermey and only scratch the surface of his amazing life, after all, and I was lucky to get 15 minutes.

I miss R. Lee Ermey, and I know a lot of other folks do too. I think it’s pretty cool that some of Ermey’s private collection will soon be auctioned off, with a portion of the proceeds being donated by Ermey’s family to the Young Marines.

The auction kicks off on GunBroker.com on November 6th, and my guess is that the bidding is not going to be for the faint of heart and the light of wallet. Among the first items on the auction block; Gunny’s Colt 1976 Bicentennial 3 Gun set, featuring a Python, Single Action Army, and Dragoon. This isn’t in mint condition, by the way. The Python in particular has “significant wear, scratches, and chipped grip since Lee used it, a lot!”


According to Gunny’s son Clinton Ermey, the Python was his dad’s favorite gun, and he “carried it on many hunts and kept it by his beside for many decades.”

Yeah, I’m a little surprised his bedside companion wasn’t a Glock too. But to be honest, a Colt Python is pretty dang on-brand for R. Lee Ermey, isn’t it?

For those who like their history a little older than 1976, there are several 19th century guns going up for auction, along with an authentic 1850 U.S. Army sword carried in the Civil War. No word from Clinton Ermey if his dad carried this around on his hunting trips, but it does come with a photo of the elder Ermey holding the sword.

Speaking of swords, there’s also a Gladius-style sword made out of Damascus steel that’s going up for auction, though there’s very little information about it on the GunBroker site. Was Ermey in a gladiator movie that I’m not aware of? Was this presented to him by a knife or sword maker? I have so many questions. Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to “could I get this for less than $500?”


There are several lots that will be auctioned off, with the first auction starting on November 6th and the last auction beginning on January 15th of next year. Check out the entire collection here, which even features some of Gunny’s Hollywood treasures, like signed scripts from his appearance on The Simpsons and one of the helmets he wore in his beloved series Mail Call.


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