Virginia Elections, Jury Selections, & The Baldwin Investigation - VIP Gold Live Chat - Replay Available

I’m looking forward to getting together with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and our VIP Gold subscribers today at 1:30 ET for our weekly live chat, not only because it’s my favorite hour of the work week, but I’m really interested to hear what folks have to say about some of the big news stories out there, including:

  • the incredibly close elections in Virginia, and surprisingly close polls in New Jersey
  • the Democratic infighting on their trillion-plus-dollar spending bill and their Oct. 31st deadline
  • next week’s Supreme Court oral arguments on the right to carry
  • Alec Baldwin’s inadvertent killing and wounding of crew members on the set of his movie, and the questions of negligence, criminal charges, and civil liability,
  • the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and the accused killers of Ahmaud Arbery; Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan.

The chat kicks off right here at 1:30 ET, and if you can’t be a part of the live stream as it happens our VIP Gold members can access the event on demand at their leisure. We really do appreciate your support, and both Ed and I love getting a chance to hang out and kick around the day’s top stories with our “regulars”, newbies, and the longtime lurkers who suddenly surprise us with a question or comment.