Meagan Good: L.A. Crime Makes Me Want A Gun

(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

While officials in Los Angeles are using the sky-high crime rates in Los Angeles to push for new gun control laws, residents themselves haven’t taken to the street to demand more limits on legal gun ownership. Instead, many are becoming gun owners themselves, spurred on by the increase in shootings, robberies, and homicides that have been on the rise even with all of California’s numerous gun control laws already on the books.


Count actress Meagan Good among those taking a second look at her Second Amendment rights thanks to the out-of-control crime in Los Angeles. Appearing on Charlamagne Tha God’s show on Comedy Central over the weekend, Good revealed that she’s been thinking about buying a gun in response to a series of home invasions, including one that ended in the murder of Jackie Avant, the wife of music executive and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Clarence Avant earlier this month.

“You know, what’s crazy is [that] for a long time, I felt like I didn’t. But now, with everything that’s going on, I would feel more comfortable with a gun.”

Good continued her reasoning and noted why she previously believed not having a firearm at home outweighed being strapped.

“The reason before my thought was like if something did happen to me, would I have the time to pull out a gun to defend myself?” she said, adding she never hopes to shoot a gun at her residence. “I don’t want to kill anybody or hurt anybody, but I will defend myself.”

I don’t know if Good has bought her gun yet, but she’s already got the right mindset. I don’t know a single gun owner who looks forward to using their firearm in self-defense. Quite the opposite. If I’m ever forced to use my firearm in self-defense, it’ll be one of the worst days of my life. Not being able to protect myself from a violent attack, however, would be even worse. So no, I don’t want to ever have to use my gun in self-defense any more than I want to use the fire extinguisher I have in my kitchen, but if I ever need either of them I know that I’m prepared.


The show’s host asked Good how her husband, producer DeVon Franklin, felt about her change of heart and Good replied that they hadn’t discussed it yet. Not that Good needs her husband’s permission to exercise her right to keep and bear arms, but I hope that the couple are able to find common ground. I also hope Good doesn’t postpone that conversation for too long, because things are getting ugly in L.A.

“It’s a s–t show over here,” said LAPD Det. Jamie McBride, a director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, a police union. “Bad guys are released quicker than we can finish the paper work, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

… the election last year of 40-year top cop Gascon, 67, to the position of LA District Attorney was the icing on the cake, some say. Gascon, like prosecutors elected in recent years in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Fairfax County, Va. was backed in part by billionaire leftist George Soros.

The Cuban-born Gascon, who moved with his family to the US in 1967, delivered an inauguration speech in Dec. 2020 in which he sounded more like a social justice activist than a law enforcement officer.

“Our rush to incarcerate generations of kids of color,” he said in his speech, has torn apart “the social fabric of our communities. The status quo hasn’t made us safe.”

If the status quo wasn’t making us safe, the new progressive bent of Gascon and others is making things exponentially worse. Frankly, I’m sure that there are many more famous figures in Hollywood who are quietly embracing their new status as gun owners; unwilling to speak publicly about their right to armed self-defense for fear of a backlash from the Left, but equally unwilling to spend their days and nights defenseless in L.A.’s “new normal.”


I’m glad that Good isn’t shying away from the conversation. I just wish that Los Angeles (and California more generally) didn’t make it nearly impossible to exercise your right to bear arms in self-defense. It’s not just L.A.’s crime rate that’s a sh*tshow. That same description could be applied to the state’s gun control laws too.

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