Woman Shoots Armed Robber After Driveway Assault

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

A woman who lives in the suburbs of Houston, Texas was able to fend off multiple armed robbers who confronted her outside of her home early Sunday, shooting at least one of them and sending the others scurrying off into the pre-dawn darkness.


The incident unfolded around 4:30 Sunday morning, as the woman was pulling into the driveway of her home in west Harris County. Three men approached the woman and tried to rob her, prompting the woman to draw her pistol and fire at her would-be attackers.

The woman’s boyfriend was inside the house when the shots were fired. He ran outside and chased after the two other suspects, deputies said.

At some point during the chase, the boyfriend also fired his weapon, according to investigators.

The suspects got away in a white four-door vehicle, the sheriff’s office said.

“Obviously we’re trying to identify this deceased individual here at the scene,” Sgt. Jason Brown said. “We’re hoping that the identification of him will lead us to the other two individuals who were with him at the time of the attempted robbery.”

Deputies say that the attempted robbery may have been drug related, though neither of the would-be victims are facing any drug-related charges at the moment. And authorities say the pair aren’t likely to face charges over the shooting, since all evidence indicates that it was done in self-defense.

This wasn’t the only defensive gun use featuring a woman protecting herself that made local news headlines this weekend. Early on Saturday morning, a mom in Augusta, Georgia fired shots at an intruder, though authorities weren’t able to immediately take him into custody.


Upon arrival, a deputy was bluntly told of the break-in by the resident.

“I shot him,” the 49-year-old woman told the deputy.

She said she believed an intruder was in the backyard of her home on Crosscreek Road, which is north of Tobacco Road and west of Windsor Spring.

Here’s what the woman said happened:

The son, 28, was asleep in the home when he was awakened by something. When he came out of his room, he found an intruder holding a water jug full of change. He chased the intruder out and locked the door.

But someone was still inside.

The son called his mom, who was at work, and she came home and met her son in the driveway.

She was prepared: According to deputies, she had a gun.

They both went into the house and heard a noise at the top of the stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs, they found a man standing in her room near the window.

She made eye contact with him and fired several rounds at him, the deputy reported.

The suspect ended up jumping out of the second-story window and running away, though responding police did find a portion of a ripped jacket with bloodstains on it, which indicates the woman might have been correct when she told police that the intruder had been hit.


At last report no suspect had been taken into custody, but thankfully both mom and son were safe and unharmed.

Both of these incidents may have had very different outcomes were it not for the fact that the criminals’ intended victims were armed and able to fight back. Thankfully, in both Texas and Georgia the Second Amendment is viewed as a fundamental and substantive right of the people. Meanwhile, in anti-gun locales like the the San Francisco Bay Area, you’d better hope that there’s an off-duty officer around in the case of an armed robbery, because the state has made it virtually impossible for folks to lawfully carry a firearm in self-defense.

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