LIVE NOW: Free VIP Gold Chat – Constitutional Carry success, ammo to Ukraine, & more - VIP Gold Live Chat

As is usually the case, there’s no shortage of topics for today’s VIP Gold live chat with myself and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey, and it’s not even all bad news about a potential World War III. Join us at 1:30 ET today as we kick around big news like this:

  • Constitutional Carry signed in Alabama and Ohio
  • the US arms and ammo (and fighters) headed to Ukraine
  • The willingness by some to use the war between Russia and Ukraine to target our First Amendment rights
  • what the suspect in the D.C./NYC homeless killings tells us about gun control
  • will the ATF come clean on its secret rules for suppressors?

Of course, you are more than welcome to bring up a topic of your choosing, and I know I might be missing one of your big stories of the week, so come out with us live at 1:30 and join the conversation if you can. If for whatever reason life is getting in the way, I understand, and you can always catch the chat on-demand at your convenience.

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