Midterm madness - VIP Gold live chat open to all! - Replay Available

Midterm madness - VIP Gold live chat open to all! - Replay Available

I’m very excited that Townhall Media is bringing this week’s VIP Gold live chat out from behind the paywall so as many of our regular readers as possible can join Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and myself to go over the highs and lows of the midterms and discuss what happens next; both in terms of protecting our Second Amendment freedoms and the broader ramifications for the left and the right in the wake of Election Day.

I guarantee you that there’ll be no shortage of subjects to discuss, and you’re always welcome to introduce a topic of your own into the conversation, but here are a few of the topics that will be front and center at 1:30 ET this afternoon.

  • the latest House and Senate projections
  • Constitutional Carry governors undefeated in re-election bids
  • Is this finally the end of Robert Francis O’Rourke’s political career?
  • Second Amendment victory in Iowa, gun control ballot measure still in doubt in Oregon
  • the races that  you want to talk about!


If you can’t join us for the chat as it happens it will be available as a replay for our VIP Gold members; one of the many benefits for those who want to support the independent, pro-Second Amendment reporting and analysis you find here at Bearing Arms. Our weekly chats with VIP Gold members allow us to do deep dives into the ATF’s latest regulations or lawsuits challenging gun control laws, but Ed and I also inevitably end up taking some entertaining side trips into other topics of the day (and yesteryear) with our VIP Gold friends as well. It’s truly my favorite hour of the work week, and I really do hope you can be a part of it this afternoon.

During the chat we’ll also be sharing a code that you can use for a substantial discount on your own VIP or VIP Gold membership to Townhall Media, which will not only give you access to the many live chats with Townhall Media writers and personalities throughout the week, but exclusive analysis and commentary that you won’t find anywhere else. Your membership makes a difference as well, allowing us to provide on-the-ground reporting from events like SHOT Show, interviews and conversations with Second Amendment newsmakers, and perspective from individuals like Tom Knighton, Ryan Petty, and John Petrolino; recently named the 2022 Gun Blogger of the Year at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

If you’re already a VIP or VIP Gold member, thank you. If you’re not, I hope you’ll at least join us for an hour or so this afternoon as we dissect the midterms and discuss where we go from here and become one today! Use promo code VIPWEEK to get a 45% discount on your VIP membership!