Biden calls for "greater action" on gun control after Walmart shooting

Biden calls for "greater action" on gun control after Walmart shooting
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Joe Biden did not call for an “assault weapons” ban in his statement on the shooting at the Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia on Wednesday morning; somewhat surprising given that he’s used other recent high-profile shootings that didn’t involve long guns to push for his ban on semi-automatic rifles. Instead, the president demanded unspecified “greater action” in response to the mass murder.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of our most cherished holidays that brings us together as Americans and as families, when we hug our loved ones and count our blessings. But because of yet another horrific and senseless act of violence, there are now even more tables across the country that will have empty seats this Thanksgiving. There are now more families who know the worst kind of loss and pain imaginable.

Jill and I grieve for those families, for the Chesapeake community, and for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which just suffered a terrible shooting at the University of Virginia this month. We also mourn for all those across America who have lost loved ones to these tragic shootings that we must come together as a nation to stand against.

This year, I signed the most significant gun reform in a generation, but that is not nearly enough. We must take greater action.

We are grateful to the first responders who mobilized to assist victims, and I have directed federal officials to provide any support and assistance needed to the people of Chesapeake.

Biden didn’t have to inject a note of gun control in his first statement, but since he’s decided to play politics with this tragedy I hope that someone in the White House press corps will have the audacity to ask press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre what, specifically, the president believes is the “action” that we must take to prevent these terrible incidents from happening.


The president isn’t the only Democrat offering vague promises of increased safety if only some unspecified and undetermined gun law is passed. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia is among those proclaiming that there is “more to do” without offering any explanation or detail of, what, exactly is on his “to-do” list.

And coming up on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co we’ll be highlighting one of the most hypocritical and exploitative examples of this argument; one that was also delivered by a top-ranking Democrat in the Old Dominion.

How about this: until you’re prepared to offer a specific policy recommendation or gun control law that would actually have the potential of stopping an attack like this, don’t call for some unnamed “action” that should be taken. Simply stop after expressing your sympathy and support for the victims, their families and friends, and the first responders. As it is, Biden’s call for “greater action” and Kaine’s assertion that there is “so much more to do” are exactly what the Left complains the calls for “thoughts and prayers” are; meaningless and self-serving twaddle that doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.


What, exactly, does Tim Kaine believe there is to do before shootings like this don’t happen? What “greater action” will prevent mass murderers from carrying out their attacks, according to Biden. And more importantly, what’s stopping them from telling us those details instead of their fuzzy platitudes and performative bits of political theater? If a gun control “solution” is as self-evident as they claim it is, it should be simple enough to tell us what, specifically, must be done instead of relying on their hollow calls to do something.


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