Big wins for the right to carry - VIP Gold live chat - Replay Available

Join HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and me at 1:30 ET pm as we kick around the day’s top stories (and maybe a few off-the-beaten-path topics as well). I know we’re going to be locked in and targeted on a couple of big 2A news items:

  • West Virginia governor signing campus carry
  • Permitless carry up for debate in Nebraska
  • David Hogg tries to rewrite Second Amendment history
  • Lightfoot loses re-election bid in Chicago

And of course, whatever else is on your mind! The live chat will kick off right here at 1:30 ET pm, and if you can’t join us as it happens, it will also be available as an on-demand replay shortly after we wrap up.

It should be a lively conversation, and maybe even a full-fledged debate at times, which is rare between Ed and me. Tune in and take part, because we want to hear what you have to say!