SCOTUS stays, Ohio nays, and permit delays - VIP Gold live chat 1:30 ET- Replay Available

After a couple of weeks off HotAir’s Ed Morrissey is back and joining our VIP Gold members and myself at 1:30 ET this afternoon for our weekly live chat! We’ll be touching on the top stories of the day and week, as well as anything else on the mind of our participants, and while I can’t predict with certainty every topic we’ll touch on today, I have a sense that most of the these will be fodder for debate and discussion.

  • Is SCOTUS getting skittish about the Second Amendment?
  • The vote on Ohio’s Question 1 and what it means for our 2A rights
  • The city in the heart of gun control country where crime is so bad the NAACP is calling for a state of emergency
  • Is a commercial real estate bubble ready to pop?
  • whatever you want to talk about!

If you can’t join us as the chat is taking place, you can still watch on demand shortly after we wrap up around 2:30 ET. The more the merrier, though, and I hope you’ll be able to break away from work or play and join us for what is always my favorite hour of the work week, even if the news today seems a little bleak.