Massachusetts gun owners rally as anti-gunners recalibrate

While the Massachusetts legislature is out on summer recess, 2A advocates in the state are going on offense to educate the public about the dangers and threats to public safety inherent in HD 4420, deemed the Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act by Jim Wallace of the Gun Owners Action League. On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co, Wallace provides an update on what gun owners have been doing to push back against the anti-gun bigotry inherent in HD 4420, as well as what the anti-gunners in the legislature have been up to since their attempt to rush HD 4420 into law ran headlong into a wall of opposition on the part of gun owners, law enforcement, and residents worried about the impact to public safety.


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: HD 4420 isn’t dead and buried, though Wallace says that it’s not likely to re-emerge in its original form after lawmakers return to the statehouse after Labor Day. House Speaker Rob Mariano is apparently leading the effort to re-tool HD 4420 during the recess, but Wallace says there’s no way of saving that bill or making it palatable to gun owners simply by amending the massive document. Meanwhile, the state Senate is working on a bill of its own, and Wallace tells Bearing Arms that “F”-rated Majority Leader Cynthia Creem is heading up the ad hoc committee crafting the Senate’s gun control legislation. While we don’t know how the Senate bill will differ from HD 4420 (either in its original or re-tooled form), Second Amendment advocates shouldn’t count on the Senate being any more reasonable than their House counterparts have been.

That’s one reason why GOAL and 2A supporters aren’t taking this summer off. Now is the time to not just rally together, but to shine a spotlight on the civil rights abuses that lie at the heart of HD 4420 and remind Massachusetts residents of the threat the legislation poses; not only to gun owners but to all those concerned about public safety. This weekend GOAL is encouraging gun owners to take part in what it’s calling Overpass Weekend, where 2A advocates will gather on highway overpasses to show their opposition to HD 4420 to the drivers below.


Wallace also highlighted the efforts of volunteers in helping to create thousands of yard signs encouraging folks to protect the Second Amendment and stop HD 4420 in its tracks. One volunteer and GOAL member who runs a printing shop has been producing signs at below cost, and Wallace says that even though more than 7,000 signs have been printed demand is still sky-high. GOAL has a list of places where signs are available free of charge on their HD4420 resource page, and from Hyannis to Pittsfield gun shops are serving as gathering points for patriots to come and grab a yard sign of their own.

Another gathering of gun owners is scheduled to take place on August 27th at GOAL’s 2023 2A Freedom Celebration, which will be held at the Marriott Quincy in Quincy, Massachusetts; coincidentally (or not) the home of Speaker Mariano. Guns and Gadget’s Jared Yanis will be speaking alongside other Massachusetts 2A influencers like Riding Shotgun with Charlie’s Charlie Cook and GunFood’s Patrick Collins, and while I’m unfortunately not able to attend in person I’ll be contributing a message of my own for attendees. In addition to the great lineup of speakers, all those attending will have the chance to win one of three firearms that would be banned under HD 4420, as well as getting the opportunity to connect and network with other 2A activists from around the state.


Check out the conversation with GOAL’s Jim Wallace in the video window below, and whether you’re a Massachusetts gun owner or not, do what you can to support the freedom fighters taking on this bigoted assault on our fundamental civil liberties.

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