Biden's putting WHO in charge of his Office of Gun Violence Prevention?

Biden's putting WHO in charge of his Office of Gun Violence Prevention?
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We now know who the face of the Biden administration’s new Office of Gun Violence Prevention will be, and frankly, I can’t think of a better choice for Sleepy Joe than Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden’s anti-gun moves are already unpopular with a large chunk of the electorate, so why not put one of the most unpopular politicians in charge?


In advance of the official announcement coming later today, the White House is already trying to spin the move as a natural fit for Harris, noting her experience as Attorney General in California with “years of experience” on the issue. As it turns out, the Biden administration has been hinting at this for several months. Back in June, CBS News reported that the Biden 2024 team planned on Harris being a “leading voice” on the issue during the campaign, highlighting her prepared remarks at a high school in northern Virginia which marked her debut as the administration’s point person on attacking the Second Amendment.

“Weapons of war have no place on the streets of a civil society. Background checks and red-flag laws are common sense because it is reasonable to want to know before someone buys a gun whether they have been found by a court to be a danger to themselves or to others,” Harris will also say Friday in Virginia, a rebuke to Republican opposition to the administration’s initiatives on gun violence.

Someone might want to clue Harris in on the fact that New Mexico has both “universal” background checks and a “red flag” law, and yet crime is so awful there that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham decided to declare a public health emergency (and attempt to curtail the right-to-carry through an unconstitutional edict).

Harris is already one of the least popular figures in Washington, D.C., with 538 showing her approval rating at an anemic 39.6%. In fact, lately her disapproval rating has been ticking up, even before the announcement that she’d be leading the administration’s crackdown on the right to keep and bear arms.


If Harris is as successful in her role heading up the Office of Gun Violence Prevention as she’s been in her position running point on the administration’s supposed effort to stop illegal immigration, this country’s about to get a lot more dangerous.

The number of migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has risen steadily since the start of September, according to two Department of Homeland Security officials, with Border Patrol apprehending more than 7,500 migrants on Sunday alone.

In July, the latest month for which official data is available, the number of daily apprehensions of illegal border crossers averaged just over 4,300.

The rise in migrants may indicate that new policies put in place by the Biden administration in May, which initially kept numbers low, may now be having less of an impact.

The new policies make it harder for migrants to seek asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and easier for them to seek lawful entry to the U.S. from their home countries, a new strategy the Biden administration enacted after Covid-19 border policies expired in mid-May. Before the policy change, daily apprehensions of illegally border crossers had reached a record high of more than 10,000.

In Tucson and San Diego, Border Patrol began releasing migrants onto the streets to alleviate overcrowding in shelters last week.

In Rio Grande Valley and Tucson, the number of migrant children crossing with and without adults is on the rise.

Border Patrol agents in Rio Grande Valley saw, on average, 150 unaccompanied children each day last week, according to the two DHS officials, up from a daily average of 94 in June, as reported in public data.


Now she’s bringing that same “expertise” to preventing gun violence, which should alarm not just gun owners and Second Amendment advocates but all those living in communities already plagued by high rates of violent crime. Harris will be a reliable voice for anti-gun efforts, but given her track record I’d say violent criminals have good reason to celebrate Biden’s latest move to shore up support among the Democratic base.

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