SoCal Supervisors Say "No" to Newsom's Anti-2A Constitutional Amendment

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has gotten a string of bad news lately, at least when it comes to his anti-gun efforts. Not only has U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez shot down the state’s ban on “large capacity” magazines and so-called assault weapons in recent days, while Newsom is palling around with the head of the Communist Party in China, San Diego County supervisors rejected a resolution in support of his proposed 28th amendment that would enshrine a host of anti-gun provisions into the U.S. Constitution.


On today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co, San Diego County Gun Owners political director Michael Schwartz, who was on hand as supervisors deadlocked 2-2 on that resolution, joins the show to discuss the vote and the many ways that SDCGO is pushing back on anti-gun politicians, both locally and in Sacramento, in order to defend the Second Amendment.

Tuesday’s resolution was brought by Supervisor and Vice Chair Terra Lawson-Remer, who Schwartz describes as “vehemently anti-gun”, and her anti-2A extremism and anti-2A rhetoric was on full display after the resolution failed to pass.

Before the supervisors’ vote Tuesday, Lawson-Remer said San Diego families feel the effects of gun violence “every single time there’s a tragedy.”

In a statement afterward, Lawson-Remer faulted Anderson and Desmond for voting down “common-sense actions to reduce gun violence” for the second time in three months.

“It is ridiculous to think that two parents cannot support efforts that would help protect children, their families and make our neighborhoods safer,” she said. “Passing this resolution would have given our residents comfort in knowing we are supportive of the Constitution’s Second Amendment.”

As Schwartz pointed out, anti-gunners in California are bizarrely claiming that Newsom’s proposed amendment, which would enshrine a ban on so-called assault weapons, mandate universal background checks, prohibit adults under-21 from purchasing a firearm, and impose a waiting period on all gun sales into the Constitution, is somehow supportive of the Second Amendment and not an attempt to curtail the right to keep and bear arms.


That kind of Orwellian double-speak is one of the reasons why Schwartz was in attendance during Tuesday’s county supervisors meeting. While the resolution in question doesn’t carry any actual weight in terms of imposing new restrictions on gun owners, Schwartz says its incumbent on SDCGO to show up and counter the lies and misinformation from anti-gun politicians, especially when those mistruths are amplified by local media.

The organization does far more than shine a light on disinformation campaigns from fans of civilian disarmament, however. San Diego County Gun Owners is actively involved in litigation, lobbying, education and outreach, and helping to cultivate a community of Second Amendment advocates in a region of the state that’s been increasingly hostile to gun owners for decades. As I told Schwartz, I think the group may be the most effective local 2A group in the country, and they’re doing great things for civil rights in southern California.

Most recently the group hosted a gun show and symposium in the city of San Diego; the first of its kind to be held in the area since state legislators and Gavin Newsom banned shows from being held on state-owned property like the Del-Mar Fairgrounds, which was the longtime home for regional gun shows. Tune in and check out the entire conversation with Michael Schwartz in the video window below to learn about the barriers that the City Attorney tried to erect in their way, as well as how the group was able to bypass those efforts. It’s a great conversation with a great Second Amendment advocate, and I’m looking forward to continuing the discussion in the very near future.


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