Virginia Democrats Unleash Torrent of Gun Control Bills

Next Monday, gun owners will be flocking to Richmond for the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Lobby Day and rally. On today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co, VCDL head Phillip Van Cleave joined the show to discuss the plethora of reasons for Second Amendment advocates to show up, starting with the onslaught of bills targeting lawful gun owners that have been introduced in recent days.


We’ve previously talked about bills banning so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as moves to restrict the right to carry like the bill that would prohibit the practice in establishments where alcohol is served. Van Cleave says that a number of additional anti-gun measures have been filed this week; a five-day waiting period on firearm transfers, a 5 percent tax on gun and ammo sales, and removing NRA and USCCA-certified firearm instructors from the list of trainers who can teach the course required for a concealed carry license, just to name a few.

One of the most petty gun control bills would remove the NRA from the lengthy list of specialty license plates available for Virginia drivers. There are more than 300 specialty designs available, and there’s no reason to remove the NRA from the list other than animosity towards the organization and the right to keep and bear arms.

“It just shows the level of hatred for gun owners and disrespect that some of these people have,” said Van Cleave.

“You look at the fact that they want to take away concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. There’ve been zero problems! They can track permit holders, so that bill was at people like you, me, and the folks listening to this who are good people who don’t do anything wrong. They’re still coming after you. They don’t care. They don’t want you carrying in restaurants because they don’t want it, not because there’s been a problem.”


If the owners of those establishments want to declare them “gun-free zones” they can do so right now, just by posting signage. Under the carry ban introduced by Democrats, owners couldn’t opt-in and allow concealed carry if they desired, even though it’s already a crime to consume alcohol in these restaurants if you’re carrying. Instead, it would just be illegal across the board to bring your lawfully carried firearm into your local bar and grill. I guess anti-gunners would prefer we leave our guns behind in our cars where they can easily be stolen rather than keep them on our person while we’re dining.

I know, I know. What they’d really VCDL Lobby Dayprefer is if we quit carrying (and keeping) firearms altogether, but that just isn’t going to happen. Still, the 700,000 or so Virginians with an active concealed carry license could see their rights curtailed if they don’t stand up and speak out against these attempted abuses. I’d like to believe that Gov. Glenn Youngkin will veto any gun control bill that gets to his desk, but we can’t just assume that’s going to happen. That’s why I’ll be one of those Virginia gun owners at the on Monday; to show my support for our right to keep and bear arms and remind lawmakers in both parties of the importance of safeguarding our fundamental rights. In fact, I’ll be among those speaking at the rally, which will also feature Gun Owners of America’s Erich Pratt, Guns and Gadget’s Jared Yanis, and 2A advocate Dan Wos. If you’re a Virginia gun owner I encourage you to turn out and exercise your First Amendment rights in defense of your Second Amendment rights alongside us on Monday. You can find out all the details right here, and I hope to see you in Richmond next week!


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